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Asian art prints

Meant to instill peace, balance and harmony. The art of these cultures is simple and minimalist. Look for bold reds and shiny blacks in the Chinese style. Natrual tones of tan, gray and brown are prominent in Japanese artwork.

Mediterranean art prints

Think Color! Use of strong color and color combinations is popular with this style. Find the deep blues of Greek coastlines, yellows and purples of fields and hillsides and the brilliant whites of stucco village walls.

African art prints
Imagine the grassy plains and wildlife of the Serengeti, tribal villages, ceremonial dances and carved masks. These are the images of the continent of adventure and wonder.
Egyptian art prints
Decorate your walls with ancient history and mythology. Regal images of pyramids and temples evoke a sense of intrigue. Reproductions of papyrus paintings and frescos bring feelings of distant worlds to your wall.
Tropical and beach art prints
Give your wall a holiday! From lush, tropical forests of New Guniea to white sandy beaches of Tahiti, these images will excite the imagination. Find the exotic retreat of your dreams right here.
latin art prints

Let the vibrant colors of the Caribbean, Mexico and the southern lattitudes warm up your walls. These images add an ethnic flavor that are sure to light up any room. Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and many more are showcased here!

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